I'm inspired by color, whether it be skin tone or a certain hue in an art piece. I see the world in color and shades. I've done a lot of traveling and have met many amazing women from different backgrounds and ethnicities. One thing they all have in common is their unique beauty.


I wanted this shoot to represent diversity and culture with women of different backgrounds. The models we chose all had beautiful skin tones and together gave each other contrast which Jose captured in a stunning manner.


Weeks prior to the shoot we were going through models portfolios and I didn't see any real women, so for this shoot we hit the pavement and literally searched the coffee shops, local eateries and even our favorite yoga studio to find real women who screamed what I like to coll "practical beauty."


For Alessa or "Big Red" as she was called on location, I wanted to keep her skin as natural as possible, showing each and every freckle. The contrast and color are rich in her eye makeup application, yet the makeup doesn't wear her, rather it shows how doe-eyed and beautiful she is. Her red locks are no joke and completely natural. She had a confidence about her which really shows in her photos.


For Taelyr, I wanted her to look to be fresh and simple. She has such an innocence about her, I didn't want to lose that with heavy makeup. Her hair done very simple to show off her neckline which was paired with two unique gowns. Some women aren't meant to wear a lot of makeup and I think Taelyr's hair and makeup a perfect relfection of keeping it real! It doesn't distract from who she is.


Adina was our African Queen. Her face was perfect. Deep skin tone, high check bones, almond eyes to make any shadow color jealous. I just loved her look! She's meant to look striking and poignant. Her face has angles which wore easily contoured and her high cheek bones would make any blush color pop. Her lips were to die for and I so wanted to enhance them with a dab of a berry lip color, just enough to bring the color in her cheeks and highlights in her shadow out. Adina is the reason women ought to try a little more color on their lips!

Source:Rosa Novas