Bridal Shops

"Stop Bridal Shops. Investigate these businesses that are plaguing our city."The bridal shops to which Joe Walker referred belong to Asian immigrants whose businesses line a suburban strip east of Los Angeles and provide a multitude of services to ethnic Asian brides throughout Southern California. Created to meet the needs of couples or brides looking for a full-range of services, Temple City's bridal shops along the main street offer bridal attire rentals, hair and make-up, photography, videography, and much more.

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Similar to the bridal districts located in Taipei, Taiwan or other urban centers on the Western side of the Pacific, these shops make available a myriad of traditional ethnic wedding apparel and accessories from various Asian, mainly East Asian, cultures. However, keenly attuned to their clientele and the style preferences of contemporary America, the business owners also provide an assortment of modem bridal fashions including designer dresses, tuxedos and elegant evening gowns for rent or purchase appropriate for any Western-style "white" wedding. Given the range of commodities and services, these fiercely competitive bridal salons offer more than clothing choices that symbolize culture and ethnicity; they also market images of bourgeois wealth and fantasies of romantic love in the form of hair and style makeovers that are then captured for the ages through high fashion photography.

Bridal Shops - Rosa Novias uk:An online wedding dresses store, bridesmaid dresses 2015

Image thus is a key selling point for many of these businesses. Walking along Las Tunas Boulevard, one is bombarded with larger than life images of chic, presumably upper middle-class Asian bodies displaying glamour, romance, and heterosexual love advertising the products and services provided by the bridal shops.

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